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As part of

Application which basically covered all need for effective SQA work.

I rebuild the project under new 4.0 .NET framework, if you want to participate checkout code and welcome to do this.
1) Attach DB ( in DB folder in source ) to SQL server (2008 preferable )
2) Create DBOWNER username: lqatotal password: pa$$word or make your own credential ( don't forget to modify the web.config file )
3) Create your own pages: Create User, Login, Forgot Password pages, if you will implement security. Which kind of security you'll implement is up to you.
4) Build and deploy .

I create this application based on my SQA experience.
With every year SQA work going to more and more complicated side, and I don't' want to follow this "dead way".
SQA work must be simple, Than simpler than it is more clear to view and effective.

Application web based. IIS + MSSQL ( 2005 or 2008 ) , number of users, tester, Managers is UNLIMITED

With my application you can work ( create, update, copy, delete ) with :

- Tasks ( good for management )
- Test cases
- Bugs logging
- Users
- Change some configuration.

You can see how some pages look like here

Video Tutorial download ( installation and using ) :

You can support my project DONATE 3-5 dollars is good.

If you are planning to use application not for free project ( open source etc... ) you could pay about $100 USD . PAY NOW . This is not mandatory. It will help to me to do something good and usful for others.

If you want to learn .NET development. Here is best tutorials Learn Visual Studio and NET

I'm get my Professional certificate in my association Independent Certification for IT professionals

Thank you for using my application!

With all the best and happy coding !

Rod Gurov

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